Could expatriates have an affordable price apartment in Hoan Kiem?

Could expatriates have an affordable price apartment in Hoan Kiem?

Hoan Kiem is the central district of Hanoi which is associated with many historical relics, administrative headquarters, political offices, and cultural centers. More than a tourist attraction with symbols of the city like Hoan Kiem Lake, the Opera House, Water Puppet Theatre and the Cathedral, it is a bustle and hustle area where you can find everything from restaurants, cafes, shopping centers to Vietnamese cuisine streets, handicraft boutiques and gathered book stores. That’s also the reason why the land bank in this favorable area is so limited that you don’t find too many apartment complexes here. Moreover, high building construction in the city center is strictly restricted by the Government resulting in a few supplies in the apartment for rent. The rent you need to pay for an apartment in the inner district is definitely not cheap but it does not mean you totally cannot find an affordable one. The following are some tips for you to get a dream accommodation in Hoan Kiem District.

Apartment in Hoan Kiem

If you find it uneasy to handle by yourself, let the housing agents help you ease your mind in search of adventure without any fees. Alpha Housing is established to provide all property services like residential rental/ sales, office rental/sales, commercial lease to both local and foreign residents. Our advisors are not only well-trained with real-estate expertise but also good at foreign languages. The database from a wide network of landlords all over the district is regularly updated. Then, upon your requests about location, amenities, rent rate, etc., we will filter out and find matching options for you or even help negotiate with the lessors to get the best deal. Especially, we are always ready to arrange a visit to the apartments within short notice and show up in urgent cases to support you.

The word of mouth from your local friends and other expats can be effective, too. You are very lucky if you have any Vietnamese friends who can help you during progress. On one hand, they are familiar with the culture, customs and lifestyle so that they can give you some facts before searching, assist to find potential leads or spread the news to their network. On the other hand, bringing along your friends during on-site check and negotiation also help you strengthen your role and avoid being overcharged. Besides, the foreigner community is quite big in Vietnam with many expat websites and groups where you can ask for advice. People living in the area are good references with their real experience and sometimes, they can connect you with their landlords or neighbors in case there are vacant apartments. So, just make use of all relationships and contact points to back your success in grabbing a competitive unit in the town.

 Apartment rent in Hoan Kiem District ranges from $400 to $4,000 per month depends on types of the apartment (studio, 1/2/3 bedrooms), size and location. Fully furnished apartments are often provided with common services such as the high-speed Internet, cable TV, water, cleaning, and laundry. Instead of looking for 2 or 3 bedroom apartments which are out of your budget, you’d better focus on reasonable studios or 1 bedroom units. Their price is roughly under $1,000 but they are still equipped with above basic amenities. Moreover, if you don’t own a car or motorbike that needs a garage, hunting down in the alleys where there are a lot of affordable apartments for rent than those face a street. Check full listings apartment for rent in Hoan Kiem here:

One person can’t afford an apartment here, but maybe 2 or more can do. It’s quite popular in Hanoi that the landlords allow cohabitation in order to share the cost. In those cases, the unit you find should be large enough for some people living together, normally from 2 to 3 people. You can easily find apartments available for co-tenants on expat groups by its current renters when someone just moved out and they need to cover the vacancy as soon as possible. Or when you are the first one to move in and unless you live with family or want to live alone, ask your friends and colleagues whether they want to be your roommates. By doing so, you can still live in your desired apartment but spend within your budget on accommodation.

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