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Could expatriates have an affordable price apartment in Hoan Kiem?

Hoan Kiem is the central district of Hanoi which is associated with many historical relics, administrative headquarters, political offices, and cultural centers. More than a tourist attraction with symbols of the city like Hoan Kiem Lake, the Opera House, Water Puppet Theatre and the Cathedral, it is a bustle and hustle area where you can

Get The Best Advice For Investing In Apartments Or Houses From Giathuecanho’s Consultancy Experts

Giathuecanho is in the real estate business specializing in buying, selling and leasing of apartments, townhouse, and villas in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby areas. Giathuecanho.com is the startup company helping people find good investment opportunities in the real estate sector. It has a good team of experts and experienced staff, which advises its customer